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a blue budgie

photo courtesy of Piret Tamm

I have a budgie I have named Birdy Blue, and he is much bossier than a two-inch tall creature really should be. He makes many different sounds, from a soft cooing as he tries to feed me seed when I sit very near his cage, to a lilting warble when he is content and playing with his toys. When he needs attention, though, he lets out a sharp, loud tweet that can be heard two houses away. He tweets like that until I come to him, or until he forgets why he was tweeting in the first place. I assure you that his memory is remarkable for a budgie. I usually end up coming to his call. I delight in giving him attention, regardless of how frayed my nerves can become from the urgent, anxious call. Today, as he hopped up to the side of the cage so he could touch his beak to my nose, I wondered if I was experiencing a small representation of the joy God feels when we call on Him. He created us and I imagine that He is filled with joy when we turn to Him in need or in praise. The prophet Zephaniah, telling about the future kingdom of God on earth tells us:

The LORD thy God in the midst of thee is mighty; he will save, he will rejoice over thee with joy; he will rest in his love, he will joy over thee with singing.  -Zephaniah 3:17

Yes, God is pleased when we obey Him, and when we turn our hearts away from sin, away from the world, and toward His will. I liked the idea that I might be able to feel just an iota of His delight when I enjoy how a tiny bird relies on me not only for food and water but for comfort, play, and attention.

Of course, it is impossible to know that – senseless to try to fathom the heart of God.

I realize that even the great difference in intelligence between human and budgie doesn’t begin to represent the difference between human and Creator.

God knows my thoughts. I have no idea what’s going through my bird’s head. God knows my intentions. He knows my potential – for good and for not-so-good. He loves me anyway.

God is never too busy to draw near to me when I need Him, or when I just want to thank Him and praise His Name. He is never just on His way out the door or busy putting the laundry in or promising to come see me when He has a moment.

God is here for each of us at this very minute. Call on Him. I imagine that He delights when you do. Scripture tells us that He does. My heart tells me it is true. It must be, because when I spend time delighting in Him, my joy is returned to me multiplied. When I need him, He comforts me. He guides me. All good things come from God who is the greatest of all things. His joyful delight must be awesome!