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A picture of snowy treesI took this picture Sunday morning with my iPhone from the window of my car. My dad and I were on the way to church, after sliding nearly sideways down the driveway in increments of one foot. I was determined to get there because it was my first day of co-teaching the 18-25 year old Sunday School class.

I have been secretly hoping for the opportunity to become more involved in that particular age group at the church. It is a crucial time for these young men and women, one during which they may be at the most risk of their lives of being drawn away from the church.

That is what happened to me. I fell enamored of my intellectual abilities and thought I could find “truth” on my own in the world. It put me twenty years off-track. Thank the Lord I am back where I belong now. Knowing what I do about how enticing yet unfullfilling the world can be, I want to help as many young adults as I can to cling to God rather than reject Him.

Dad and I made it to church yesterday. He was scheduled to be an usher and I was singing in the choir, in addition to my new Sunday School job. The snow was gorgeous! I had to stop on the street to take that picture. God’s world is full of stunning images and sensations. I can’t help but praise Him every day for the beauty of His earth.

Even on Monday night at midnight, when I am still awake doing homework, sleepy, and overwhelmed by my class load. I think of the beauty of the snow yesterday, and of the faces of my Sunday School students as they participated fully in the class. Thank you, God, for giving me an opportunity to work with them! That’s something that will certainly keep me moving through the week, anticipating the weekend.