Two more comprehensive math finals to go, then I’m done.

Wow, has my faith grown over the past few weeks. When I look back on the experience, the image I get of me trying to control my life during All Of This is that of a fish, washed up on the shore, flipping like mad, trying to get back into the water. Then, along comes God. He gently picks me up, slips me back into the water and says, now didn’t I tell you that I would watch over you and take care of you? 

Of course, within days, if not hours, I am back out on the sand, flipping and flopping, and crying, and doubting. God faithfully comes again to save me. Every single time. Finally, I think the floundering episodes have been outnumbered by the times I trust that He has it all under control. But I think it will take much more practice to keep that deeper faith. 

Faith is just like any skill: you have to keep at it, or it will atrophy. You don’t learn to play the piano once, then expect to always be able to do it. The more you practice, the better you get.

You know the old joke: how do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice, practice. Well, how do you get to God’s peace in your life here on earth? Practice, practice practice.